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You can automatically detect security vulnerabilities on your network
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MegaPing 4 is a network scanning tool for Windows. It does lack power when you're trying to scan the audited systems, and it can't scan Linux hosts connected to the network. Other than this, the program has multiple tools that enable administrators to scan for specific information.

There is a NetBIOS scanner which scans a range of IP addresses, individual hosts or a complete domain, returning the names of hosts, MAC addresses, logged-on users, etc. The IP scanner is used to scan a range of IP addresses returning information on those that are active, and resolving hosts name issues when selected. The all-new Share Scanner tool finds open shares within a determined range of IP addresses or a domain; plus the port scanner scans all available ports and returns authorized ports (registered, dynamic, or private ports) and those ports that are likely to be attacked by intruders.

MegaPing scan results include the status of TCP and UDP ports on each system. In addition the results can be saved as HTML and plain Text, plus these reports can be generated on the same scan run unlike other similar software.

Max Santillana
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  • Scans complete domains
  • Scans specific ports, IP & Mac addressees
  • Scan results return important info like NetBIOS names, config info, missing Patchs, etc
  • Results can be saved as TXT or HTML reports


  • Licensed per IP addresses results too expensive for large networks
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